Conference Update

Second day of the conference, and what an interesting day it was.

The schedule listed a slot at the very end for “prizes”, which mystified us. Were there categories? Awards? Statuettes?

I didn’t know, so today I decided to award my own prizes based on my own arbitrary classifications. Awards included:

-Most bizarre use of out-of-context visuals
-Most enthusiastic/evangelistic about subject
-Most in need of a lower primate prop
-Most in need of screaming girls in the front row
-Most creative “avoid having to actually talk” method
-Most BS and pseudoscience packed into 15 minutes

I think there were others, but they may have been too…er…adult-themed to post here.

Anyway, I wound up taking first prize (official conference first prize, not my silly prizes for which there is no order) at the end of the day, sharing it with my fellow NIECI and New Media cohort (see our “Press Release“). Our supervisor will be stoked, and our Dir of PGs was so proud of us and the department showing as a whole that I thought his shirt buttons might pop. He kept calling us “his girls”, which I thought was particularly brave as he said it in the middle of a circle of known feminists. Not to mention we’re outspoken and not afraid to use brute force.

Anyway, it was a good day, and a good learning experience. And our rockin’ department was full of win.

On another note, I met our new head of school today. More win. Our fears (my fears, all right?) of the unknown were unfounded. She’s full of win.

Win. Yay.

Bed now.

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