I’m such a slacker

Okay, technically not really, but if this blog is evidence, I’ve been comatose from either natural or artificial causes for the last month.

In reality, I have:

  • Revised my online novel communities paper (and it was accepted!)
  • Attended a wedding in the States (no comment)
  • Presented the above paper at the MeCCSA postgrad conference (poorly attended session, but whatever)
  • Applied for umpteen jobs and one grant (the only one I can apply for) to drum up money for this year. It’s not looking promising, kids.
  • Attended a workshop on academic papers…taught at a 3rd grade level. Or something similar. Disappointing.
  • Cleaned up administrative messes in the grade reporting for almost all the classes I taught. So far, the errors have not been mine, but it’s hard to tell when every school in the uni does it differently.
  • Started a gig creating video tutorials for graphics software. So far, I’ve done vids for Adobe Flash. I like this gig. Too bad it’s not ongoing.

My supervisory committee meeting is in 10 days, and I’ve had to complete a report on my progress (something I’ll reproduce here after the meeting, to save time/space). I’m happy with the work I’ve done, but unhappy with the time I’m able to spend on it, which is very little, considering how much time I spend chasing money in one fashion or another. Yes, I realize that chasing money is part of what academics DO, but it’s been ridiculous. Not to mention all the wild goose chases led gleefully by the university itself. Anyway…

It’s still up in the air whether I’ll be continuing research this year, or suspending until I find money to pay my fees. If I have to suspend, I’ll get to spend the year finding funding, yes, but hopefully also finishing up some projects that have been tossed to the back burner for the past year, like my last novel (which was going really well!), and finishing the digital piece that was really just a testing ground for the PhD research, not a part of the finished whole.

Also, I have seen Harry Potter twice. Totally irrelevant to anything else I’m doing, but yay for fun films. The “Coming Soon” category is pretty sparse at the moment, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

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