Keynotes & Invited Talks

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2020 Feb – “Indie Publishing Beyond the Kindle Boom: Hogarth Renewed(?)”, Women in Publishing Symposium, Bangor, UK
2020 Feb – “Yes, Karen, Practice IS Research”, Creative Practice & Critical Thinking Symposium, Corsham Court, Bath Spa University

Invited Talks

2022 Feb – “No world for tomorrow? Or worlds of e-lit tomorrows?”, ELO Salon, Online
2021 Nov – “Communicating STEM Through Narrative”, Science, Health, and Data Communications Research Centre, Bournemouth, UK
2021 Nov – “Spot the Greenwashing”, ESRC Festival of Social Science, UK
2021 Nov – “You and CO2“, Being Human Festival, UK
2021 Sept – “Creative Cognition in Context: Space and Place in Narrative Practice”, Creative Methodologies Symposium, South Africa
2021 Sept – “Twitter Sci-Comm Chat”, Guest host, #SciCommClub, Twitter
2021 Sept – “Critical Making”, University of Central Florida
2021 July – “Everything is Going to be OK: Playthrough Stream”, Guest host, Serious Play, Twitch
2021 July – “Working in Interdisciplinary Teams”, Science Communication Book Journal Club, Online
2021 June – “Playable Comms”, INDCOR, Online
2021 June – “Interactive Digital Narratives for Health: Approaches to using storygames as intervention and education”, Ageing and Dementia Research Centre, Bournemouth University
2021 June – “Communicating STEM through Narrative”, NCCR, Bournemouth University, UK
2021 Mar – “Provocation: Why are Women Important?”, Women in E-Lit, USA
2021 Feb – “Mini-Crucible: Collaboration and Innovation in Online Spaces”, Circular Economy Innovation Community, Swansea University, Wales
2020 Oct – “Bridging Research Silos: Approaches to Arts-Science Collaboration”, Research Process Seminar, Bournemouth, UK
2020 Oct – “You and CO2, Levy Fringe Festival, Levenshulme UK
2020 Nov – “Climate Change in Secondary School Education: A STEAM Approach”, Keele University, UK
2020 Nov – “No World 4 Tomorrow: Live Reading”, Youth Climate Summit, UK
2017 Jan – “The Practice of Research: A Methodology for Practice-Based Research in the Creative Arts”, University of Sheffield
2016 Feb – “Play/Perform: Gender Identity in Online Spaces”, University of Sheffield
2016 Jan – “The Practice of Research: A Methodology for Practice-Based Exploration of Digital Writing”, Bath Spa University

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