Crowdsourcing hits Sundance

A friend posted this short, collaborative film on Facebook the other day. It was cute, and included an actor I like, so I was amused. At first. After exploring the hitRECord site a bit, however, … Read more

Transliteracy Conference 2010

One – The Phoenix Square Digital Media Centre is the epitome of a British location, in that you are only capable of getting there if you already know how to get there. Next time I … Read more

On the Up Side

I have “Blog Entry” on my To-Do List today, among other things. It seems I have not been very good about posting in the past couple of weeks, in addition to not having been very … Read more

Ground-up Projects

I stumbled upon an online story a couple of months ago through one of the digital fiction feeds I actually pay attention to. It was a really fun, neat little story, and I subscribed to … Read more

Moolah: I want some

I see a lot of proposed business models floating around, blog posts on what works and what doesn’t for making a living off of storytelling online. So far, I really like the idea of “pay … Read more