The Best Way to Handle Rejection

I recently completed (for now, of course), my novel The Pathfinder, and I have been embroiled in the grueling process of finding an agent to represent me, and failing that, a publisher willing to take … Read more

The Utimate Wedding Checklist

For those of you who haven’t heard already, I’m getting married. Yep, that’s right. Me, married. You may pick yourself off the floor now. I want to elope. All over the place are these gorgeous … Read more

The Anti-Valentine’s Day

In response to the vomit-inducing, over-marketed holiday that is Valentine’s Day, I would like to lobby to have a new holiday on the yearly calendar: Losers’ Day. Really, Valentine’s Day is redundant. Couples already get … Read more

Oh, the Burden

Unlike many romantically-inclined folks, I am not under the misconception that songs and movies and books are the real world. The real world is not Brad Pitt giving you flowers and sending you Japanese love … Read more

The Say It Second Hypothesis

Observation: Relationships tend to take a turn for the worse once I blurt out the ever-disastrous phrase “I love you.” Hypothesis: Men do not like to hear “I love you.” Ever. Unless they’ve said it … Read more