I Had To Do It. Really

One of my supervisors is a big champion of the free and open source. To you, I offer my apologies. I tried. I really did. I got to know GIMP well enough to actually use … Read more

Retreating to Write

One week. Seven glorious days. The equivalent, for me, of a snow-in. I got s**t done, people. My husband signed up to attend a conference in Erice, Sicily for a week in the end of … Read more

CEDAR: Corpora and Wikis

I attended the second session (having missed the first due to being brain dead) of the Collaborative Digital Research in the Humanities (CEDAR) postgraduate training program this past weekend. (Don’t ask me about the acronym.) … Read more

Software I’ve Been Trying

First, I’m not a computer geek. I’m an online geek. There’s a big difference. Computer geeks are heroes, for one, because they can bring back my computer from the dead. They can read and write … Read more