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A few people have bemoaned the fact that I have not posted much on this blog recently. It is not because I haven’t been writing. Rather, it’s because I’ve been too busy to work on anything beyond the major work, my novel. Yes, busy, not just lazy. You try writing pithy, witty, sarcastic essays while: caring for someone in a wheelchair, training a horse, working full time, learning the game of rugby, getting married, and moving to a whole new country. Not to mention cleaning up naughty dog poo.

Anyway, the novel is finally finished (for now). There have been a lot of folks who wanted to read it when I was done, and now you’re finally getting your chance. Coming soon, I will post (separately) the first three chapters of The Pathfinder: A Parallel Roads Novel. For now, be satisfied with the teaser (a.k.a. Do I really want to read this book?):

At almost 25,000 miles in circumference, the Earth is a hard thing to lose. But lose it exactly what Gloria Walker does in the culmination of the worst day of her life. She awakens to a strange new set of worlds, where anything is possible, and where she alone is responsible for all of them.

The Pathfinder: A Parallel Roads Novel
is a science fiction/fantasy novel that tells the story of the one unique person in the universe who can travel between parallel dimensions without machines or magic.

A generation ago, a gifted physicist invented a device to convey travelers between parallel universes, and the Five Thousand Worlds was born. 5000 Earths in 5000 dimensions are mapped so that anyone using this device can explore new worlds and encounter new cultures. But all travelers, save Gloria, must pass through a hub first – and the hub is dying.

Atlantis is the central hub for travel between all known parallel Earths – but by the time Gloria gets there, it is being ungraciously gobbled by a looming black hole. Once it is gone, the gates to the parallel Earths will close forever. And Gloria is the only one who can do anything about it.

Gloria has never been a hero. She’s never even been able to stand up to her own mother. She lost her job, her boyfriend, and her apartment all in one day, and all she wants to do is go back to her home Earth to lick her wounds and try to start over. But try as she might, she just can’t find it.

Reluctantly, she explores the Five Thousand Worlds, forming friendships with a thief and a witch, and slowly succumbing to the charms of Oscar Timon, a law enforcement agent who knows far more about her than he lets on. Gradually, Gloria discovers that saving 5000 Earths might be better than returning to her own.

Stay tuned for the first three chapters of this novel…email me if you’re someone I know and you want to read the whole darn thing.

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  1. That was a very enticing teaser. Congrats on finishing your novel. I know what you mean about the conflict between doing small increments of writing on a regular basis for the blog vs. working on a major piece vs. life in general. I have some of the same conflicts, only usually my struggles involve visual art. I’ll be back later to check in on the excerpts.

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