Showcasing the PGs – Totally My Idea

Which I left to more supremely capable people to actually carry out, as is my habit, of course.

When I did my MFA, we had a monthly Student Reading Series, which was created during my time in the program (through none of my own effort), organized entirely by the students, and is still going today, if the listserve is any judge.

It was a great time to socialize, talk about our work, our professors, our SOs, our lack thereof…oh, yeah, and to share what we were writing. Uh, there was wine involved.

When I found nothing much like that here, I thought “Well that blows. We totally should.” And so we did.

The NIECI family (NIECI is bigger than we know, but there’s just the core family that participates in most of our shindigs) got together to display our wares. We dressed up in our finest frocks and gathered for wine (duh) and a wide display of work, from critical papers and radio shows to short stories and film.

We chatted, drank, showed off some more stuff, drank some more, set off some campus alarms, patted each other on the back, and got great glimpses into the lives and work of our friends and family.

I loved it. Everyone loved it. Misses AC and JK threw a fabulous party, one I hope we repeat with frequency in the future. I’m so glad I thought of it.

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