Inside Out Empty: A Digital Story

Great Writing Conference
Bangor University
June 2009

Download PDF of presentation.

This presentation consisted of a reading of my short story “Inside-Out Empty (Working Title)”, accompanied by a display of the digital adaptation in progress.

My doctoral research is practice-led; throughout the course of my studies, I will be writing a novel in the form of interlinked short stories building to an overall climax. I will adapt these stories to digital format, incorporating visual, audio, hypertext, and interactive elements. My final product will be a print book, and a website presenting the stories in networked, interactive, digital format.

“Inside-Out Empty (Working Title)” is intended to be a model of the process of adaptation: my PhD project in miniature. The print story presented in the reading will be a complete, polished piece of fiction. The digital version of the story will show elements of my adaptation process, and may include storyboards; small scenes; notes; outlines for networked, interactive, or hyperlink elements; photographs; text; and other planning and adaptation tools.

After the reading, should time allow, I spoke briefly on the experience of adapting print fiction to digital format, including problems encountered, strategies, software, and variations required in the creative thought process to move from a linear print story to a networked digital version.

Cite as: Skains, R. Lyle. 2009. “Inside Out Empty: A Digital Story.” In Great Writing, Bangor University, 21 June 2009. Bangor, Wales, UK.

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