This week in digital storytelling…

No, there’s not much chance I could keep up with things enough to post a weekly update every week. But I wanted to pull together a collection of the things I’ve been looking at and reading lately. Please add on to it in the comments if you know of something I might enjoy!

Chris Joseph’s blog
Flight Paths
Drunken Boat
The Iowa Review
Dreaming Methods (Consensus Trance is the most recent, and it’s great fun. I particularly love the way the author has incorporated nonlinear and ludic elements in a primarily linear story.)
Net Art Commissions on Turbulence
ELO’s Electronic Literature Collection
e-Fiction Book Club
Digital Fiction Show
And a short story on the web that I absolutely loved: “Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four Hour Book Store” by Robin Sloan

It’s interesting to me that electronic literature is already splitting off into a gajillion splinter genres: visual novels, ludic stories, digital poetry, twitter fiction, serials, Flash fiction (the software, not the length), and more. What will make it? What won’t? I dunno, but it’s really cool to explore all the ways people are using Web 2.0 to share stories.

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