3000 Words a Day

That’s my goal, every weekday, from now until classes start at the end of September. If I can hit it, that will mean approximately 105,000 words in 7 weeks, translating to a finished draft of the La Llorona novel, several new short stories, and a buttload of blog posts.

There will be setbacks, I’m sure. Like today – chaotic morning getting out of the house, dentist appointment that ran way late, soccer at 5, movie at 7. 3000 words have to be shoved in there somewhere. And next week is the Edinburgh Literary Festival, which will take up 3 days. Hmm.

But I’ve got weekend buffer zones, which will hopefully help me catch up. And hey, I’ve done several 90k-in-4-weeks Novembers, thanks to NaNoWriMo. I just need these words out of the way. I need to send stories in to some competitions, to get a few more published. I need to finish this novel that’s been hanging over my head as I take on more and more projects. I need to start writing some stories for my PhD project (which will officially take over all of my time come October).

After September I hope to hit 1000 words per day. It might be more difficult then, as I will be working one way or another by then (monster topic, about which I can’t yet speak).

And no, Facebook comments do not count.

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