Gotta get a move on

My supervisor brought to my attention today that she actually does read this thing (if anyone wonders, my supervisor is rad and awesome and the best ever. Ahem.), and that it’s very interesting for her to read my post-supervisory meeting posts.  And I er, have not had a moment to post anything after our semesterly meeting last week.

Sorry.  Here goes.

I am becoming less nervous about these meetings, though I think I need to be watchful that I don’t lull myself into thinking I’m safe.  If I want to finish this PhD before my funding runs out, I’m really going to have to get on top of things. At any rate, I find it always helps my mental state of being to compile a list of what I’ve actually been doing, so it doesn’t look like I’ve done nothing. The list helps me see I’m not a total slacker.

I brought in a preliminary outline of my critical thesis, and she promptly noted that each of my chapter titles contained an entire thesis.  Oops.  Narrowing in yet again – so now my first chapter, the most important one that explores the process of writing the stories, and my methodology from start to finish, is now my entire thesis.  I suppose if I keep those other chapters on the back burner, I will have plenty of material for academic study for a long time to come.

This was the first meeting where we set hard and fast targets for my PhD work; I absolutely intend to finish by the time my GTA position runs out, which means 2012, rather than 2013. So by my supervisory meeting in September, I need to have:

5000 words of creative
3000 words of critical
Any peripherals, such as the poster noted earlier, conference papers, papers, etc.
Current drafts of the digital stories

At the moment, I feel pretty confident I can hit these targets, though I have to remember that it’s only 4-5 months away, during which I have 3 more conferences to present at, crap for the retarded PGCertHE program to complete, and a truckload of marking due at the end of this semester.

I will get it done.
I will get it done.
I will get it done.

And…back to work. On task for the next week or so: the visual narrative paper based on Blade Runner.  

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