Keynotes & Invited Talks

Available presentations can be accessed by clicking the links. Keynotes 2020 Feb – “Indie Publishing Beyond the Kindle Boom: Hogarth Renewed(?)”, Women in Publishing Symposium, Bangor, UK2020 Feb – “Yes, Karen, Practice IS Research”, Creative ...

Twine Games for Health & Science Education

This paper presents two pilot studies (You and CO2; Infectious Storytelling) on utilizing reading and/or writing digital fiction to effect positive attitude change regarding, respectively, personal contributions to climate change and actions leading to antimicrobial resistance.

Not Sold in Stores: The Commercialization Potential of Digital Fiction

This presentation summarizes the convergent evolution in different media, from e-lit to indie games to webcomics, and examines each for its successes and failures in terms of commercialization. It offers insight into the future of digital fiction based on these case studies, as well as the author’s own practice-based research into publishing and commercializing digital fiction as both a creator and a publisher

Digital Marginalia: Discourse or Gimmick?

The Future Space of Bookselling ConferenceBangor University3-4 June 2016 Later published as a journal article: Skains, R. Lyle. 2019. “Discourse or Gimmick? Digital Marginalia in Online Scholarship.” Convergence. Abstract Writing in other people’s texts ...