Storyblogging Carnival XX

Welcome to the twentieth Storyblogging Carnival. Previous Storyblogging Carnivals are archived here. Today we have ten entries from some of our favorite writers.

Please note: As this is my first time hosting the carnival, I may have gotten things screwy. Let me know if links don’t work, etc. Thanks!



A sarcastic cyborg debriefs
by Mark A. Rayner of The Skwib
A 325 word short short rated PG-13.

Imagining what a Dalek might say to a government interviewer when captured. This is skwibby fiction: stories inspired by news and current events (in this case a New Scientist piece about the nature of sarcasm).

The Frog Vice-President: A Long Limbed Tale
by Jason Pomerantz of Fiddle and Burn: A Daily Comic Strip in Prose
A short satire, rated PG.

A fairy tale of the present, ripped from today’s headlines.

The Meaning of a Flush
by Elyas of Ablogistan
A short story rated PG-13 (some language).

This futuristic story takes a look down the road at a clash between the current poker craze and the anti-gambling religious right.

Scale 7 Artifact, part 5
by Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage
A 1093 word section of his novel Torus rated G.

Death of a Blogger
by Eric. R. Ashley of Tales of Tadeusz
Chapters 1-2 of his novel, rated PG.

The troll strikes from ambush fearing sunlight, and a captain of the blogosphere falls to the madman’s wiles off a bridge over Troubled Waters. Evil seems to reign triumphant, but its still early days. What will happen next?

Torqing Care of Business
by Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium
A 2,925 word short story rated PG.

A gentleman shows up at the Sage’s house with a clearly imbued necklace.

Chapter 64
Chapter 65
Chapter 66
Chapter 67
by Sheya of Tales by Sheya
The next 3114 words of my 52,840-word continuing novel the child. Rating: PG.

A simple search for a stream of water turns into a run for his life for Starr’s beloved Stone.

Confrontation, Chapter 15 of Eyes in the Shadow
by Donald S. Crankshaw of Back of the Envelope
The latest 3,287 word chapter of a 46,429 word continuing novella rated PG-13.

Ryan is finally forced to confront the shadow-thing that controlled Red-eyes, but in doing so, can he avoid killing Emily’s brother?

Hotel Laissez-Passer
by Antoinette Baker of Passing Trains
A 4,212 word short story rated G.

Before modern, expansive bridges spanned the Hudson, there was the Beacon Ferry – here, piloted by an inebriated captain. Having run aground trying reach Newburgh, failed passenger Willa pens an urgent letter to her closest and dearest friend, wherein she describes the incredible encounter and amazing discovery which had prompted her attempted crossing.

Great Dismal, Part VIII
by J. Fielek of Quibbles-n-Bits
A lengthy excerpt of an ongoing project rated R (in addition to violence, this story contains some language and sexual content that may be considered offensive by some).

The Saga continues…

While some may consider some content offensive, in my judgment, this is a well-told tale. The language and sexual references are integral pieces of the story, setting, and characterization.

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  1. I’m not sure my link to Death of a Blogger is working right. Other than that, thanks for putting this together, and I’ll be putting up a link to it soon.


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