Oooh, Shiny Conference

Chris Joseph posted today about the Digital Resources for the Arts & Humanities 2009 Conference in Belfast. The abstract submission deadline is two days away, and I sat for an hour trying to come up with something I could present.

I suppose I could present the same project I’m offering up to the Great Writing conference here in June. It would definitely be more of a completed work by September. But I’m suffering from an inferiority complex at the moment. I seem to have no problems flaunting my creative package where most of the audience aren’t experts in the digital humanities, but the thought of laying my freshman efforts bare for a crowd of digital academics and artists is a little too daunting for me at the moment.

So I think I’ll hold off on submitting anything, wait for the program to be announced, and try to scrape funds together to simply attend. I’d like to see what else is out there, to see what other artists are doing (part of the conference is a creative showcase), and to hear what academics are thinking about the field.

Plus, the facilities at Queen’s University, Belfast look amazing. I kinda just want to go and gawk.

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